Monday, June 1, 2009

Ma mind

Most of the time, it comes to ma mind,                              
to change myself, for me and for mankind,
I see many faults while looking into mirror,
more than faults they are repetitive errors,
People don’t like me, for what I m,
but I never said that I m a precious gem,
People don’t like to be my friend,
those who are, are just godsend,
They also feel that I m not right,
many times we end up with a strong bullfight,
They have to bear me for rest of their life,
they can not abandon me in a zoo or wildlife,
I always tried my best, never wanted to rest,
though it doesn’t worked out, and created lot of shout,
I m not gonna leave this, as it is,
I will work out with it, in few more days,
Just bear with me, as u have been doing so,
I know I need to grow but I m very slow.

Life is love

Two butterflies were in love.........
One day, they decided to play Hide n Seek....... 

During the play.....
Boy Butterfly - "A small game within us"
Girl Butterfly - "OK"
Boy Butterfly - "The one who sits in this flower tomorrow early in 
the morning.....that one loves the other one more....." 
Girl Butterfly - "OK"

Next morning, the boy butterfly waits for the flower to open so that
he can sit before the girl butterfly does...... 

Finally, the flower opened.....
What did he see.....?????........ 


The girl butterfly had died inside the flower..... 

She stayed there all that early in the 
soon as she sees him.......she can fly to him and tell him how much she
loved him........

This is true LOVE....
Life is LOVE....... 

"I have shared this with you all as it touched my heart . I have not written this piece."

Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Angel ............

 I was sleeping that night when someone whispered my name into my ears. It felt like a cool breeze of air passing through my whole body and gave me goose bumps. In a moment’s time the celestial tone again whispered my name. This time I was awake and alone in the room. She was in the air besides me. I looked at her eyes. They were swollen and still wet. Who is she? How did she get here? I was deeply engrossed in my questions when she spoke again. The voice was indeed heavenly but I was not able to hear her clearly. It felt as if she was speaking to me from the room next door. Without panicking I tried to calm myself and I kept saying aloud –“There is nothing to be afraid of”. I heard her weeping. I tried to touch her but failed to feel her. Was it an illusion or a practical joke? I was stunned.

                                                                                                                  There was this strange feeling creeping in even though I had just met her it felt as if I have known her forever. I was lost in that moment. I went closer to her. The eyes had gone red. This was certainly not an illusion. Ask me how it felt being a witness to nirvana. She whispered again and this time her voice unlocked my hidden feelings. I started crying too. Who was she? A bright light amidst my vivid thoughts. She had an agenda-Love. She wept again, came closer to me and kissed me on my forehead. When she touched me I could feel the same warmth but was not able to know whose touch was that. She didn’t make noise when she flipped her wings. I tried to grab her hand because I was afraid to loose her but why? I didn’t have an answer. When I woke up in the morning I didn’t remember anything. As the day passed I came to know that I had lost someone very close to me. I rushed to my room and jumped to the bed and started howling. That’s when something caught my attention. There was a feather kept beside my pillow. Nobody knew from where it came from. But my soul knew whose feather was that. Why was the angel crying last night. That was not an illusion but a farewell by my love  for me. That is when I realized that the sweet soul who love and protect us are our guardian angels. They are our friends and family. That night a member of my family left all of us and had come to me to bid me goodbye.

I still cherish that feather !!





Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feeling the Rain

She tilted her face, catching the first rain drops 
as they began to fall closing her eyes and inhaling - slowly.
It was as if every cell of her body had come alive, 
dancing with the same intensity as the lightning had hit the sky. 
The thunder, an angry grumble of nature growling over head.
 In those few moments, she felt joyously alive... 
And she knew no fear. Locked in a spell of the elements...

Feeling the rain !!
Bringing her peace...With herself... 
Bringing her peace... With the world. 

A droplet of dew !!

My heart shattered like a piece of glass It sounded like those tiny pieces of brass

What was it that led to us here Was it me , you  or the holy steer


I am crying because my heart broke that day Like someone painted my life in a shade of grey

There is nothing left in me neither love and warmth nor the will to be the Tennessee.


Now is the time to decide which way shall I lead or continue compromising my creed

I want you to help and save me from my all night long yelp


Please open the doors of your heart and don’t make our souls apart

What am I without you just a fragile droplet of dew......................

Friday, May 29, 2009

Being a girl.......

(Dedicated to all the girls I know !!)

I'm proud, sometimes loud, and I know how to have fun.     

I am who I am ,always staying true to myself.
Being a girl is awesome. Girlfriends share bubble 
gum, bear hugs, and lots of super-secrets.
My friends are like my clothes . . .
I can't have enough of them!

Being a girl is about letting loose and trying new things.
Wearing make-up, getting dressed up,
hair back, down, or up . . .
I am as unique on the outside, as I am on the inside.

Being a girl is really cool.
Open hearts, latest shoes . . .
I'm always going someplace special
with something important to do.

I am a girl in my heart, and I will be,

Are You ?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Velocity Of Money

It is August. In a small town of Guwahati, the holiday season is in full swing, but it is raining so there is not too much business happening. Everyone is heavily in debt.Luckily, a rich punjabi tourist arrives in a small local hotel. He asks for a room and puts a 100 rupees note on the reception counter, takes the key and goes to inspect the room located up the stairs on the third floor.The hotel owner takes the note in hurry and rushes to his meat supplier to whom he owes Rs 100. The butcher takes the money and races to his supplier to pay his debt.
The wholesaler rushes to the farmer to pay Rs 100 for goats he purchased some time ago.
The farmer triumphantly gives the 100 rupee note to a local hair dresser who provided him his services on credit.The hair dresser goes quickly to the hotel, as he owed the hotel for his room use a month back.At this very moment, the rich Punjabi  is coming down to reception and informs the hotel owner that the proposed room is unsatisfactory and takes his Rs 100 back and departs.

There was no profit or income. There was NO real economic activity. But everyone no longer has any debt and the small town people look optimistically towards their future.

COULD THIS BE THE SOLUTION TO THE Global Financial Crisis? Just sheer velocity of money?